Each client will have an initial consult where we will go over prior fitness and nutrition history along with goal setting.

1. Initial consult 45-50mins $90.
2. Follow up Consult 10-15mins phone call included with an initial consult
3. Nutrition and Fitness Programs: -6week plans starting at $420.00.
4. Week programs starting at $280.00 


One week kickstart and reboot programs will start at $100.00. 

Clients who do not want to be on a set program but require accountability will be called Lifestyle clients. These are persons who want to learn to be better at a specific goal or function and maintain overall health at an optimal level. Lifestyle Clients will be $10.00 per day for a minimum of 90 days.

All programs have the option of adds on which include unlimited access to Tiffany 24/7 through instant messaging app WhatsApp or text amongst other addons offered.

Each client will have access and be asked to download a mobile app (included in the price of your program) to utilize for checking in with Tiffany every week or every other week depending on what we agree is best suited for you. This will keep both parties accountable and aims to develop a healthy and sustainable client-coach relationship.

Please contact us via email or through the contact page for more information.