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Each client will have an initial consult to discuss fitness and nutrition history along with goal setting and expectations of the client-to-coach relationship. 

Check-ins may be every week or every other week depending on what is best suited for you. This will keep both parties accountable and aims to develop a healthy and sustainable client-coach relationship.

The Initial Consult will be 45 minutes at a price of $60.00. 


Nutrition and Fitness Plans:

-Six Week programs starting at $420.00

-Four Week programs starting at $280.00

-One Week Kickstart and Reboot programs starting at $100.00


Lifestyle Clients

-$5.00 per day for a minimum of 90 day sign up. 

We want to establish an approach for

building good habits, so these will be

individuals who do not want to be on

a set program but require

accountability and guidance. 

Here we will learn to be better at a

specific goal or function and maintain

overall health at an optimal level.

Please contact us via email or through the contact page for more information.